Set your business up for success from the start!

As a client, all we need from you is a vision and a passion that shines through. Your attitude must say, “I am going to do this – no matter what!” Armed with those characteristics, Hope Granted, Inc. will work with you to get the funding you need to start, enhance or sustain your vision. While in most cases, all we need is for you to supply the plan. We may make suggestions, but we will respect your claim to ‘your baby’.

Once you are up and running, Hope Granted will be there to assist with any reports that your funder may require to show that you are making good use of their support. We also can assist with the filing of your annual report for the state, and your federal tax return. These are essential steps to keeping your business active and in compliance, this is just as important to us as it is to you!

Hope Elliott, M.Ed. is CEO of Hope Granted and started writing grants to keep her grant-funded jobs in the non-profit arena. Her first solo grant came when she was Director of the Upward Bound program at a community college in Connecticut. After successfully getting the grant re-funded for five years and a total of $1.3M, she was soon contacted by other local non-profits to assist in writing their grants.

We are there every step of the way:

  • Register your corporation with your State
  • File your 501C3 Application
  • Create an Executive Summary i.e. “Boiler Plate” Proposal
  • Assist you with your Business Plan
  • Research funding sources for your business
  • File your Annual Report / Renewal
  • File 990 Federal Return for Non-Profits
  • Create and Edit Federal & Foundation proposals
  • Provide How-To Grant Workshop Training


Join us for interactive workshops that will enlighten and empower you to help others as you help yourself!
We are always updating our workshops; please visit the site for new events.  If you want to help your organization get “grant ready”, or learn how to form for-profit/non-profit collaborations, or how to research funding sources, please email us so that we can prioritize a workshop custom-designed for your needs.

Affordable Help

Hope Granted, Inc. will find an affordable package for your business.  We understand how critical a budget is for New Businesses & Non-Profit organizations.  Ask about flat fees to fit your company’s needs.

Better Chances for Approval

Writing a grant is not easy!  If you use a seasoned grant writing professional, your chances of being approved for funding will be much higher.

You Are Not Alone

There are many business start ups these days, whether for-profit or non-profit, you are more than likely to make new connections with our workshops. This is exciting, because you never know how your next opportunity will show up!

We can help with the important steps needed to set up your business.